We work to end trafficking and exploitation

We believe that everyone should be free


Safe and Free is a charity and a social enterprise, but most of all we are a group of passionate professionals who know we can act to halt the growth of trafficking. 


We started back in 2012 and have been constantly innovating, bringing together technical, business and investigative skills to find new ways to disrupt and prevent trafficking and to rescue young victims.

Each victim of trafficking that we have been privileged to help has given us insight into the terrible effects it has on an individual.  We are deeply moved by each journey that we have been part of, and although we love to see every survivor move on from their trauma, each of these encounters increases our resolve to put an end to the misery of trafficking.

To rescue a victim is a rewarding and moving experience, but to end trafficking completely would be the ultimate goal.

Safe and Free needs to build a sustainable and effective charity so that:

  • more people can benefit from our work

  • we use your donations and grants fully and effectively

  • we can increase the impact of the work we do 


To help us with this we have a great board of trustees and business mentors, plus training is provided to us from the UnLtd Fast Growth Development Programme, Pilotlight and Garfield Weston Foundation.  

Who are Safe and Free?




To help young people to protect themselves from grooming, CSE and trafficking.


To educate young people to spot sins of trafficking and attempts to exploit them.


To give young people and teachers the tools to tackle big issues effectively.


To inspire young people to take a stand for their generation.

The Safe and Free Education Programme

Young people are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Social media, increased independence, making new friends and even discovering romance can put young people at risk. 

Safe and Free want all young people to be protected from grooming, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking.  We believe the best way to do this is through education.  We want them to have the knowledge and skills to spot any attempt to target them or their friends and to know what to do about it.  We want to inspire young people to make a difference and help them see that they can be part of the solution to the problem of trafficking. 

We have worked hard to put our knowledge into a compelling education pack for PHSE teachers to use with their pupils.


In 2014 Safe and Free put together our first free educational resource to educate young people on the ways that grooming, CSE and trafficking can occur in their everyday life. Since then we have worked with schools and students across the UK to evolve this material to ensure it is up-to-date and relevant. By equipping young people with this knowledge we are confident that they are better protected both for themselves and for others. 

Empowering young people

through education

Why is education important?

For traffickers to make money they need to recruit young people to abuse through various means e.g. threats, blackmail, violence, coercion, emotional manipulation etc.  It is very important that young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to spot the signs and resist these efforts to control them. 

Article 17 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that “children and young people have a right to information that is important to their health and wellbeing”. Article 29 also refers to encouraging children to “respect others”, and Article 34 requires governments to protect children “from all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse”.

The Safe and Free Approach

Young people need to understand the risks of trafficking and how someone might seek to groom, control or exploit them.  We know young people respond very positively to our education resource and to the message that there are many things they can easily do to keep themselves safe. 

Safe and Free has been sensitive to ensure that the education resources are engaging and empowering and that the important message on this difficult topic is delivered to the right students.  The resources stress that young people can do many things to protect themselves by: 

  • being aware of the issue

  • looking at real-life case studies

  • vulnerabilities that can be exploited

  • behaviours of trusted adults that could be of concern.


Grooming, CSE and trafficking and can happen to both girls and boys so the resources are written in a gender-balanced way, promoting the idea that all pupils need to be vigilant for themselves and each other.

Lets Put Trafficking Out Of  Business

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