Additional lessons

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Additional lesson resources using an example from modern literature and also a case study of football trafficking.   

 'Jojo Moyes' lesson 

Jojo Moyes is an internationally bestselling author who has written a compelling and moving story 'After You' featuring a character called Lily.

The lesson looks at Chapter 19 where Lily is exploited by a boy she likes. He takes photos of her at a party and uses them to demand  things from her, threatened to put the pictures on Facebook if she  doesn't do as he wants.

The chapter is written from Lily's perspective and looks in detail at the grooming process.

The lesson is designed to break down the grooming process and look at how things spiral out of Lily's control.  There are worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and the chapter of the book to support the lesson.  

Safe and Free thanks Jojo Moyes for giving permission for the use of her material and her support of the Safe and Free Education pack.

Kamara's Story: Football Trafficking

This case study looks at Football trafficking and how one young boy was tricked into moving away from his family based on the promise of becoming a professional football player.  Little did he know, his football career opportunity would not turn out as he had dreamed.

Kamara's Story

Kamara Teacher Sheet

Kamara Student Worksheet

This video can be used to support the Kamara's Story lesson. A journalist went undercover and to meet a man who says he can get him a big contract in Europe playing football.

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