Social Action for Safe and Free

Social action is vital to our work with schools. Students are raising money and awareness to help protect young people across the UK!

Download our Social Action Pack

 How will your fundraising and donations help fight trafficking in the UK? 

  • Educate more young people: fundraising helps us to reach more schools with our education pack

  • Train professionals: help other sectors protect their businesses from trafficking.

  • Rescue victims from trafficking: Safe and Free have helped bring freedom to people trapped in slavery, your donations can help us to continue this important work. 

  • Help fund other Safe and Free projects: including work with children in care, hotels and other sectors. 




Sports Tournament

Bake Sale

Fun Run

Non-Uniform Day

Prom Night

Host an open mic /talent show

Top Tips
Set up a just giving page.
Set a target! This is a great way to motivate yourself and your supporters.
Think about how to talk to your audience - remember no two audiences are the same!
If you have a page on a social network site - add a link to your local giving page/fundraising page.
Spread the Word
  • Twitter Social Icon
  • YouTube Social  Icon
Use YouTube to keep a video diary of your fundraising
  • Facebook Social Icon
Use your Facebook page to tell your friends about your fundraising and ask them to sponsor you
  • LinkedIn Social Icon
You can use your LinkedIn page to tell your professional ‘connections’ about your fundraising and ask them to sponsor you

Become a regular donor

Give as little as £3 a month and help protect other young people in the UK! 

Donations help Safe and Free to get this pack into other schools

Raising Awareness

What can you do?
Everyone can get involved in raising awareness!  It can be as simple as starting a social media campaign to highlight trafficking and promote the Safe and Free Education Pack. You can do this at anytime and all you need is mobile device!
Filters at the ready!
Use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, whichever social media is your favourite.  We want to see the best pictures and videos of you out and about raising awareness, whether its talking to people, handing out information sheets or just asking people to take a Safe and Free selfie!  Use the #SAFEeducation on Twitter or email:
For more information on setting up a social media campaign, please download our Social Action Pack.
Raising awareness is an important part social action and interaction. 
Spread the word to more schools about the Safe and Free Education Pack and help protect more young people from Human Trafficking!



Over the summer a group of young volunteers from NCS (National Citizen Service) decided they wanted to help in the fight against human trafficking! These amazing young people did a fundraiser for Safe and Free and did a variety of things to raise awareness over a week. Here is a few snaps of them campaigning in Manchester and spreading the word about human trafficking and Safe and Free!


 Whatever you decide to do .. have fun and let's put  trafficking out of business together! 

Safe and Free wishes to thank:    |    UnLtd    |    UN Women NC UK (London Hub)   |   High Sheriff of Greater Manchester   |  The Breck Foundation

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