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Here you will find lots of information about the Safe and Free Education Pack that your child is studying in school. 

 What is the Safe and Free 

Education Pack? 

The Safe and Free Education Pack is designed to empower young people with knowledge around the topics of grooming, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation (CSE). 


Jodie's story examines the way a young girl was blackmailed into sex work.


Breck's case study examines how a teenage boy's love for gaming was exploited by someone he met online with tragic consequences.


Natasha was a teenage girl who fell in love with a local boy she met on holiday. This case study looks at how he used the love she had for him to exploit her. 

Real Case Studies

The pack includes real life case studies to help students understand grooming, CSE and trafficking and how they can occur.

 What do students say?  

‘The lessons were very engaging as we learned a lot of information which was also given from case studies.’

‘If you’re in an unfamiliar place make sure you’re always with someone, or make sure you know you’re in a safe environment.’

‘They were particularly effective as I, myself, feel more aware after all the lessons.’

“I have learned about what makes someone vulnerable – but that anyone can be trafficked, no matter how vulnerable they are.”

How can you get involved?

Recommend a school

Want to get your school involved?  Know a teacher who might be interested in our education pack?  Please fill out the form below so we can get in touch with them.

Become a regular donor

If you would like to support our work through a monthly donation, please click the link below.

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